Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday.  The kids will be awake soon and we will head to church.  I am a greeter this morning which the kids don’t like too much because they have to hang out with me in front of the church.  Still praying my hubby will go with us one day, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Sunday is his only morning to sleep in though so he gets his rest while the kids and I get our worship in.  After church we’ll come home for lunch and then head to my in-laws’ house.  They have some acreage and a pond to fish in so my kids can always find something to do there.  It’s usually a relaxing time for me because I can let them run outside without worrying about traffic and strangers.  Then on the way home we will hit the grocery store to do our shopping for the week.  I’m still sticking with my 10-day challenge so I will prepare my meal schedule according to that.  Only 4 more days of the challenge.  I have nailed the nutrition part, but not the workout part.  😦  I’ll get there.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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