Catch Up

I have a lot to catch up on!  I finished the 10-day challenge with a bang!  I only focused on my meal planning and staying within my calorie range.  I nailed it the entire 10 days!  I lost 4.6 pounds!!  It felt amazing!  So I am taking it one step further and I started a 60-day challenge, which has also been amazing.  This one I have combined the meal planning and calorie counting with 25-minute workouts 5-6 days a week.  I figured I can manage to fit in 25 minutes a day and so far I have!  I’m down another 4 pounds and have lost an inch off my waist!  Woohoo!  I haven’t been down to this weight in over 7 years, since before I got pregnant with baby number 3.  🙂

Anyway, I am feeling more motivated than ever right now to improve my life in multiple areas!  Hoping I can stay consistent throughout this 60-day challenge and continue to improve every aspect of my life.


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