Too Much!

Do you tend to always take on too much?  I know I do all the time!  I have always had a difficult time saying no when someone asks if I can do something for them.  I have had an overwhelming couple of days dealing with PTO stuff that I probably could have passed on to someone else.  It drives my husband absolutely nuts when I am working for other people when I should be spending time on our own things.

I am trying to lead a more simple life and teach my kids how to be less stressed.  By taking on so many frivolous things, I feel like I am letting my family down.  Yes, I love to help.  And yes, I will continue to help.  I just need to get to the point where I am able to help with little things here and there that won’t interfere with my family time in the evening and I do not feel overwhelmed.  Not only too much stuff, but stuff I don’t enjoy.  I always procrastinate so terribly bad on the things I don’t enjoy. 

So, tip of the day: Do not overwhelm yourself with work, even volunteer work, especially with things you don’t enjoy.  Keep life simple.  Learn to say no when you’re really not interested.


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