Lazy Kind of Day

I think everyone needs a lazy kind of day every once in a while!  I am in desperate need of one of those and we’ll see how long it lasts today.  I am sitting in bed drinking my coffee shake and doing a little bit of work on the computer.  The kids are busying themselves with games already (all but my youngest who takes full advantage of Saturday mornings and usually sleeps until 10 or 11). 

Stress is such a powerful thing and totally threw this past week off hinge for me.  Yesterday I missed my workout for the first time in three weeks.  I was pretty upset with myself, but on the other hand, I caught up on housework and feel better about that.  Today was supposed to be my rest day from workouts so I just swapped them and will get my workout in later today.

Everyone enjoy your weekend, whether that means a well-needed lazy one, or a jam-packed fun one!  🙂


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