Lazy Kind of Day

I think everyone needs a lazy kind of day every once in a while!  I am in desperate need of one of those and we’ll see how long it lasts today.  I am sitting in bed drinking my coffee shake and doing a little bit of work on the computer.  The kids are busying themselves with games already (all but my youngest who takes full advantage of Saturday mornings and usually sleeps until 10 or 11). 

Stress is such a powerful thing and totally threw this past week off hinge for me.  Yesterday I missed my workout for the first time in three weeks.  I was pretty upset with myself, but on the other hand, I caught up on housework and feel better about that.  Today was supposed to be my rest day from workouts so I just swapped them and will get my workout in later today.

Everyone enjoy your weekend, whether that means a well-needed lazy one, or a jam-packed fun one!  🙂


Too Much!

Do you tend to always take on too much?  I know I do all the time!  I have always had a difficult time saying no when someone asks if I can do something for them.  I have had an overwhelming couple of days dealing with PTO stuff that I probably could have passed on to someone else.  It drives my husband absolutely nuts when I am working for other people when I should be spending time on our own things.

I am trying to lead a more simple life and teach my kids how to be less stressed.  By taking on so many frivolous things, I feel like I am letting my family down.  Yes, I love to help.  And yes, I will continue to help.  I just need to get to the point where I am able to help with little things here and there that won’t interfere with my family time in the evening and I do not feel overwhelmed.  Not only too much stuff, but stuff I don’t enjoy.  I always procrastinate so terribly bad on the things I don’t enjoy. 

So, tip of the day: Do not overwhelm yourself with work, even volunteer work, especially with things you don’t enjoy.  Keep life simple.  Learn to say no when you’re really not interested.

Feeling Gooooood!!

I just finished my workout for today, T25 Speed 1.0.  This was the third week I have done this workout.  The first week I felt completely awkward with it.  Week two I felt a little better but still felt like I couldn’t hardly keep up.  This week I was so close to nailing it!  It felt unbelievably amazing!!  I can feel my body changing.  I am getting stronger!  As a mother of four this is such an amazing feeling.  I skipped through the parking lot at school today with the kids.  I know it sounds silly, but I don’t think I ever would have done that before.  I feel confident and my kids are experiencing a wonderful, new mommy.

I can’t describe how much it means to know I am setting a good example for my kids, and allowing them to see the best mommy I can be.

Catch Up

I have a lot to catch up on!  I finished the 10-day challenge with a bang!  I only focused on my meal planning and staying within my calorie range.  I nailed it the entire 10 days!  I lost 4.6 pounds!!  It felt amazing!  So I am taking it one step further and I started a 60-day challenge, which has also been amazing.  This one I have combined the meal planning and calorie counting with 25-minute workouts 5-6 days a week.  I figured I can manage to fit in 25 minutes a day and so far I have!  I’m down another 4 pounds and have lost an inch off my waist!  Woohoo!  I haven’t been down to this weight in over 7 years, since before I got pregnant with baby number 3.  🙂

Anyway, I am feeling more motivated than ever right now to improve my life in multiple areas!  Hoping I can stay consistent throughout this 60-day challenge and continue to improve every aspect of my life.

No Green Thumb

I was definitely not born with a green thumb.  In fact, I have always said I must have been born with a black thumb.  Any plant I have ever been given has always died and usually pretty quickly.  I have always wanted to grow our own food, but have never wanted to attempt it because, well, I have been certain it would just die.

Despite all of that, I decided to plant a few seeds.  I started with cucumber, basil, bush beans, broccoli, and zucchini.  I started six seeds of each in a moist paper towel inside a Ziploc bag.  I left them for two days and to my surprise when I opened them, they ALL sprouted.  I think my kids thought I was nuts when I got so excited.  The kids helped me prep some pots with good soil and I began planting.  It has only been about a week, but look how good these are doing!!


I know the second and fourth one you can’t see very well, but I promise there are six tiny sprouts in each container.  These are the basil and broccoli which seem to take longer than the other three.  I know it’s only been a week, but I’ll take it.  Baby steps!  Maybe one day I’ll have an entire garden growing in my backyard.  I can dream, right?  🙂

Sunday Funday

It’s Sunday.  The kids will be awake soon and we will head to church.  I am a greeter this morning which the kids don’t like too much because they have to hang out with me in front of the church.  Still praying my hubby will go with us one day, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Sunday is his only morning to sleep in though so he gets his rest while the kids and I get our worship in.  After church we’ll come home for lunch and then head to my in-laws’ house.  They have some acreage and a pond to fish in so my kids can always find something to do there.  It’s usually a relaxing time for me because I can let them run outside without worrying about traffic and strangers.  Then on the way home we will hit the grocery store to do our shopping for the week.  I’m still sticking with my 10-day challenge so I will prepare my meal schedule according to that.  Only 4 more days of the challenge.  I have nailed the nutrition part, but not the workout part.  😦  I’ll get there.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Mommy Stress

It’s another day.  Because it’s Saturday I decided 6am would be okay instead of 5am.  😉  I am still getting my two hours of me time.  I got to shower and have my coffee and breakfast all before the kids are awake.  However, the rest of this time has been spent sending messages back and forth with other mothers from school who are all stressing about what teachers their kids have been assigned to for the school year. 

I have to admit, I am also one of those mothers who stress a bit about these things, but I have learned over the years that my kids all seem to adjust no matter where they are.  I think the parents get more stressed about it than the kids do.  I have learned to just go with the flow and if it turns out it’s not a fit for my child, then I deal with it and move on.  Don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS want the best for my kids, but if they feel my stress, then they stress and I certainly don’t want that.

StressLess & BeHealthy!